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We’ve just launched a new Robotic Computer Operations Program, feathering the Enterprise remote access solution and wanted to share the exciting news. Introducing Data Link’s, RoboCOP System – The all-in-one remote computer access and remote support solution with single sign-on integration! Data Link Communications Can help take your organization’s remote access capabilities to the next level by enabling employees to productively work from home with remote access to work computers. It combines the remote support features that you love in Data Link’s, tools to allow end-users to access their work computers from home with ANY device, a centralized console so managers can manage users, devices, permissions, and many more features! Here are just some of the additional capabilities available when your team moves up to the (RoboCOP System) : Ability for end-users to remotely access work computers from any device at home Centralized console for IT/Manage users, devices, permissions, logs and more Ability to schedule remote access to work computers Group-based, granular access permissions and group-specific admin Integration with single sign-on (SSO) for centralized authentication Remote computer management features like managing Windows updates Flexible licensing for end-user remote access and technician remote support to fit your business’s unique needs See our full list of features Enterprise has to offer. Get started with Data Link’s RoboCOP System, today! If you think this solution may be a good fit for your organization, we would be happy to set up some time to discuss your needs. Click the “Get Started” button below to schedule a demo, learn about pricing, or to start a free trial!