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We don't just sell computer parts, we cell computer systems. All computer systems are custom-designed & comes with all the software you need for the design you want. You won’t need to search on the internet for the right programs. Systems are setup/configure for exactly what you wanted to do with it. That's how you sell computers/service both. After the sale of a computer system it doesn't stop there. We continue to assist you with your new computer system and even configure it remotely for you and also customize certain functions.
Now!  Services we do have! It is an extension of your 90-day warranty you get with any new computer system we sell. Now about the services, we have (6) six service plans you can check out. Check out these plans to see which one works best for you. Now before you start any service plan, you are given a complete consultation to find the best plan. So please check all six service plan before you contact us, also we can setup a free scan. Please check out the Services Store on the main page -->
After you check the (6) six serves plans, you will be able to ask the expert that gives you a totally free consultation for the best way to maintain your new computer system or systems. When you choose the service plan you get your own personal technician, assigned to you. Oh! By the way ask your personal technician about the free scan and 90 free trail offer.
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